Friday, October 2, 2009

My Sisters

In my life I have been truly blessed. And among my many blessings ones that I hold dearest to my heart are Cindy and Kristine. My sisters. I know many people have siblings that they love and that have taught them a lot. But there are not many who have the type of love and admiration that my sisters an I share. My sisters are 9 years older than me and twins. In most cases this could be a recipe for disaster. Meaner, older sisters that boss you around and make your life hell. Well luckily for me, my relationship with my sisters was the complete opposite. They treated me like their most favorite person in the world. They spoiled me to death, taught me life lessons that I didn't have to learn on my own, and made me feel like I was cool enough to hang out with them and their friends no matter how young I was.

Now of course like any siblings our relationships haven't always been perfect. But for the most part I just remember sitting and crying while I watched them fight each other. Which I guess is expected from a pair of teen aged twin sisters. But despite all of their differences and trust me there are a lot... one things that has always stayed the same is our love for each other.

My sisters taught me how to dance and how to dress and do my hair. They taught me who I should trust and how to stand up for myself. And even if they didn't intend to they also taught me how to learn lessons by watching their mistakes. My sisters have been through a lot...both of them and by watching them live through the tough times and come out even stronger it has only made me realize how strong one person can be.

My sister Cindy... the older of the two (by 15 minutes) has always been so caring and understanding. She would offer a complete stranger the shirt off her back and despite everything she's been through... and she has been through A LOT... she still believes in the good in people and always finds a reason to smile. Through heartbreaks, disappointments, and really bad situations she's always found a way to come out stronger and never let anyone or anything get her down.

My sister Kristine... the younger of the two (by 15 minutes) was always the tough one. She never backs down and is always showing her strength no matter what life throws at her. She has always given great advice and is always there when you need someone to listen. She's also the mother of my beautiful niece and nephews and despite being a single Mother with a full-time job she has still managed to raise wonderful, respectful and awesome kids in a world that seems to have so few. She has also been through a lot and every time she still comes out ready to fight the next battle.

To say my sisters are strong women is such an understatement. They are beyond strong... they are amazing, tenacious, super women who have earned my utmost respect and admiration. I love my sisters.