Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"just get a hobby"

I just finished watching Julie & Julia and it brought up a problem I've been having for a while now... what to do!?? I've noticed this seems to be a problem that many wives have. Whether they have jobs, children or neither there still seems to be a struggle when it comes to finding something that you enjoy doing, something that you love and something that you would enjoy doing everyday... just for yourself. And the funny thing is, I've never once found a man or husband with the same problem. If anything they always have TOO MANY hobbies and either can't find the time for all of them or can't afford them. So why is this? Are men programmed to always be busy with something? Are they the more selfish gender and while the women are too busy taking care of everyone else to think about what they want or would enjoy the men are off exploring everything and finding hobby after hobby? Or is it something else? Can it be that us WOMEN can actually learn something from men? Actually take some time for ourselves and try to find something we enjoy? But why is it that typical hobbies for men are things like working on cars, playing sports, fishing or playing video games (please notice I used the word "playing" twice). And for women it's usually things like cooking, sewing, knitting or crafts? I've always considered myself to be a pretty creative person but none of those things I just listed really appeal to me. And I've tried some of them. I do enjoy writing but to be honest it's hard to find things to write about when your day consists of working out, changing diapers, giving baths and folding laundry. So once again the phrase appears, "just get a hobby."
So now I need a hobby to help with my other hobby! And another thing is money... hobbies can get expensive!! Especially the ones I listed for men! What's up with that!? They should give hobby discounts at the store or something. Like if you bring old receipts with you to the store to prove it's really a hobby for you and you are passionate about it you get 25% off all merchandise related to it. I can think of a few people who would benefit from that.
So I guess I'll just continue on my search for my new hobby and maybe one day I'll find one and then I'll sit here writing blogs about how wonderful it is and how much it fulfills me and I'll be one of THEM. You know the ones who look at you with confusion all over their face when you tell them you're bored and then they reach over to comfort you and say those awe inspiring words..."just get a hobby."