Monday, March 11, 2013

book wormin' it

 I got sucked into some kind of crazy worm hole full of hot guys, crazy women, unpredictable circumstances and TONS of DRAMA and I LOVE IT!

  Okay so I used to read before. Sometimes I'd read something Oprah recommended (yes, I love Oprah! Don't talk shit about my homegirl!), sometimes I'd read philosophical books or books I thought would make me smarter. Some of them were amazing, life changing even and then some were not.
  So I started seeing all these posts on Facebook about some book called Fifty Shades of Grey and my curiosity was peaked. I have an iPad and a Kindle so I'm like, "Hey let me buy these books and see what they're about."

     I'm hooked, shocked, aroused and completely changed for life. This book is not only easy to read, it's got sex!! And not just "They kissed, they got under the covers, they made love" sex... I mean all out, BDSM, tie her up, spank her butt, make her climax over and over sex!!!
     I wasn't quite sure what to do! It was like an acceptable form of porn that didn't require you to hide in the dark, lock the door and pray no one walked in!! AND to top it all off it was specifically for WOMEN!! I mean I saw women reading Fifty Shades while working out on the gym. Some carried them in their diaper bags and sat in coffee shops sipping on their lattes all the while probably getting totally hot reading about Christian Grey and his MANY skills in the sack.

 It was then I realized I had just dug a small hole in the ground and found gold. 
  Then I thought... I bet if I keep digging I can find more! And man, was I right! The more I dug, the more deliciously hot and scandalous books I discovered. Some made me cry, some made me laugh, MOST made me hot and they all inspired me. I mean who knew books could be this much FUN to read and this addictive!?
  Honestly, I feel bad for all the people out there (mostly the younger generations) who view reading as dorky or uncool because they are seriously missing out. Especially the women... I mean there's a whole world of acceptable porn, romance, comedy, drama, etc... ALL geared to please us and you are missing out!! BIG TIME!

So anyway... All I'm sayin' is I am now officially a book worm and VERY proud of it! Oh and also an author... ;)