Thursday, November 1, 2012

Education...Miami style

Things I learned while on vacation in Miami:

Don't assume a guy is gay just because he acts like he is...

Competing with your sisters on who can get more people to say "dick" or "cock" is hilarious!  Just be careful who you ask... There are some creepy guys out there.

Don't try to take a picture with a DJ when you are drunk... There are a whole lotta wires back there!

When I'm drunk the word "mango" instantly becomes "melon".

Don't dance with drunk sailors from Rio.

Don't ask your husband for permission to get a tattoo while drunk... They're less likely to agree to it.

No matter how mad Cindy is, if you wave at her she will ALWAYS wave back.

Golden Va Jay Jays can turn lights on just by mentioning them.

If you hear about a "chunky monkey contest" run in the other direction.

Bartenders from London will get you VERY drunk!

Women who drink alone aren't very good at playing pool... Especially if they start off looking in the table for the pool sticks.

Kristine is a hilarious drunk even with the crazy mood swings.

There are no male strip clubs in all of Miami!!  Wtf!?

"We'll play it by the wing" means we'll decide as we go in Cindy talk.

Kristine threatens to kill a lot of people when she's drunk.

Coffee and mimosas aren't the best breakfast after a night of drinking.

Hotel phones don't work we'll when they aren't plugged in.

When people you don't recognize ask you if you're going to dance again and know exactly what you were drinking the night before, it means you had a great night.

When you go to sleep with numb lips and toes it also means you had a great night.

And last... The most important thing I learned was... My sisters and I still got it and I have a feeling we always will.  ;)

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  1. You forgot about the PIZZA!!!!! pepperoni can be very spicy... aaagh aaagh aaagh.... but oooohhhhh ssssooooo good, lmao...Cindy