Saturday, August 8, 2009


Starting a life with you
Has been a dream come true.
You've turned my world around
Giving me a different view.
Suddenly things are bright
Everything sparkles and shines.
Just because you're with me
And I can call you mine.
Your deep blue eyes and your perfect lips
Are visions I have when we can't kiss.
I imagine your heart beating next to mine
While our spirits and souls slowly combine.
I feel my heart growing in size
Every night and in the morning when I rise.
One step closer to the day you return
And until that day, this fire will burn.
My love for you, I can't describe
The only one's who know
Are the one's inside.
You and I, You and I
Always and Forever
Together we fly
This is another poem I wrote for Matt when he was on his 6 month deployment. I thought it might apply to my friends waiting for their husbands to get home. :)

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