Friday, July 17, 2009


So I understand that judging people is something that pretty much comes naturally to everyone. When we first meet someone we look at their clothes and hair and the way they speak and carry themselves and then we make assumptions. This person is confident or insecure, this person is overweight or too skinny, they take care of themselves or don't, wear too much make up, have tattoos, look plain, etc., etc., etc.
So it's impossible to say you don't judge. Even if you try not to it's just something that comes naturally. But when does it go too far? Where do you stop judging? For example... I'm in the gym this morning and Dr.Phil is on tv. There is a woman on the show who claims to be addicted to food. And the girl next to me in a matter of about 10 minutes said the following..."Eww! That's disgusting she eats ALL of that!" "I don't believe her she's lying. She's not even that big." "She said she'd rather smoke so she wouldn't eat so much!? She's STUPID!"
Now I realize this is a talk show and people always like to comment when watching them. But I actually felt bad for the woman on the show because there are people all over the world just like this girl next to me. judging. I mean how do you know what this woman is going through? And who are you to judge her? What if I was addicted to food and I'm on the elliptical right next to you. Perhaps you should keep your thoughts to yourself.
And I admit I'm not innocent either but as I get older and see more and go through more in my life. I start to realize that everyone goes through their own struggles in life and no matter how small they may seem to someone else they are HUGE to the person living it. And no one else knows how they feel, what they've been through or how much they've tried to overcome their obstacles. I just think it's easier to judge someone. Easier to assume that person is doing something wrong or there is something wrong with them than to admit that maybe there is nothing wrong with them and they are just doing the best they can with what they were given.
Everyone has a right to do what they want and whether we agree with it or not they will anyway. We don't have to like everyone or their actions but we don't have a right to pass judgement either. We all come into this life to learn and you are no different.
Until we walk a day in that person's shoes maybe we should keep our judgements to ourselves.

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  1. A lot of judgment (in my opinion) comes from fear Elaine. That women making those comments next to you could very well be afraid she is like that or could be like that herself. I think that we are taught at a very young age about what is attractive and unattractive good and bad. It becomes very hard to learn to not judge people but to accept them as they are. Not me though; I am perfect! (I dare you to tell me I am not now;) )