Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random thoughts

Why was crack invented when we have chocolate?  Don't we have enough problems?  I bet those weird people who don't like chocolate invented crack.  I knew there was something wrong with them.  Why do people say "crack kills" when they see your butt crack hanging out of your jeans.  No it doesn't.  It may hurt to look at it and in some instances you may throw up a little in your mouth but it doesn't kill.  That's a little harsh.  I mean butt cracks are ugly but it's not their fault, they were made that way.  That's no reason to accuse them of murder.
  And why do people smile at me and try to spark up conversation in line for the toilet?  Don't they know I'm trying to concentrate?
Oh here's a good one... Why are Mosquitos still around?  We managed to try and kill off all the other species but for some reason bugs are thriving.  Wtf?  We can't even get mass distruction right people!
And why the hell didn't the inventor of the iPad put arrows on the key pad so I can go back and fix misspelled words!?  I sat here tapping my finger on the screen for the past five minutes!  I almost broke my nail!
  Why can't people spell anymore?  Did they stop teaching spelling at school?  Or did they teach you to spell "you" with a "u"?  Damn we're lazy.  I mean we aren't even forced to hold pencils anymore we just push buttons and we can't even push more than one unless totally necessary?
I'm lazy.  Yesterday I prayed God would make 7-eleven see that it needed a drive through.  I wonder if he heard me.
  Why haven't we found a drug that makes kids sleep...something legal.  I'm tellin you if your holdin out on me I will hunt you down, steal all your magic drugs and beat you up.  I'm half Japanese, which means I automatically know karate and have ninja blood.
  Why are Japanese people so freakin cool!?  I mean really, I think their water is better or something.  They're healthier, smarter, and they dressed their prostitutes up in kimonos and white paint.  You had to actually train to be a geisha!  Maybe our politicians would be more helpful if our prostitutes trained and dressed in kimonos.
Just sayin'.... I don't know what I'm saying.

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